Cat Painting for Charity - Hurricane Relief

I'm normally pretty uncomfortable about donating paintings to raise money in the wake of major disasters. I hate when people turn those disasters into publicity stunts.

But last night I read a lot of personal stories on Facebook of people trying to deal with the storm and its aftermath. I won't go into the gory details. I remember after the nuke disaster in Japan, animal charities were pretty strapped.

I would like to help if I can, and I'll donate the proceeds from this auction to an animal charity in the disaster area, so if you like the painting, please feel free to bid in this charity auction. Bidding starts at $100, and the auction fees are waived.

Cat Painting for Charity Auction

The proceeds from this auction will go to Empty Cages Collective New York-based animal and environmental advocacy organization.


Commissioned Cat Painting

This commission is completed and shipped to New Orleans! I had to hold it an extra week while we waited for Isaac to pass.

Commission round 2


It'll probably take another two sessions before I'm done with this commission.

Working on a Commission

Cat Painting

I'm working on this cat painting commission for a great collector in New Orleans!

Painting of My Cat

Orange Persian Cat Painting San Diego California

This is a painting of my cat, Miss Marmalade. She spends most of the day laying around, which makes her an ideal painting subject.

For sale

Mama Cat at Night

Mama Cat Painting

We saw this cat while walking home one night. Her kittens were inside the fence behind her.

Let Sleeping Cats Sleep

Custom cat paintings

My cat sleeps.

Buy now

A Cat in A Bow

Custom Cat paintings and cat art from Cat Painting Tuesday

I enjoy putting costumes and clothes on cats.

Buy now

Crown Cat

Cat Paintings and Cat Art, Crown Cat by Cat Painting Tuesday

Crown Cat is Queen for a day- every day.

Cats and Monsters

Cat Painting Tuesday: Custom Cat Paintings and Original Cat Art

Black cat and monster by the sea.

Cat Painting Tuesday on Etsy

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